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Southern Gospel Revival: Jamie Wilson - I Can't Even Walk
Written by Colbert and Joyce Croft in 1975, "I Can't Even Walk" has been recorded many times but remains an elusive "diamond in the rough" in terms of popularity. Jamie is one of the most versatile musicians that graced these recordings and we see her doing what she does best; she found this song and put together an arrangement that places it second to no other. The roots of Southern Gospel reach back to a time when singing together was a way of life. People would come from miles around to join in song, and be a part of something that was bigger than each individual could ever be on their own. It was a real community of both Faith and music.

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Bears in our pool
Gatlinburg TN. August 2017.
Added: 29th April 2018
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Animals Reunited with Families After So Long Apart
Animals Reunited with Families After So Long Apart | These animals are all about to see their families again after so long apart - and their reunions are so SWEET.

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Puppy With Swimmer Syndrome Teaches Herself To Run - STARFISH
When this puppy was rescued, she was named Starfish because she could only lie flat like a pancake. But she REALLY wanted to keep up with her family - and she took their breath away when she decided to teach herself to run.

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