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Horse Play: Jack Russell Rides Miniature Horse
Seven-year-old miniature horse Spanky, who stands at just 32 inches tall and his pal Dally, a six-year-old Jack Russell Terrier were rescued by horse trainer Francesca Carson and have worked together since. The dynamic duo perform their tricks across America and have even appeared on the iconic Late Show with David Letterman. Facebook.com/BarcroftTV

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Terrified Baby Or Comic Genus Or Both
A baby is just absolutely terrified When Mommy blows her nose!
Added: 17th March 2011
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Taekwondo kids
Funniest Fight You Will Ever See Little kids sparring.....cute and hilarious! Taekwondo kids Japanese kids Taekwondo martial arts skills. karate GMA Good Morning America gma play of the day karate kids
Added: 13th December 2011
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14 People Get The Puppy Surprise Of A Lifetime!
What better way to surprise someone than a surprise puppy? Watch their reactions as these people receive the gift of a lifetime! pawmygosh.com

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Adopted Girl Reunited With Foster Sister
This heartwarming video was posted over three years ago, but has only recently gone viral. A large family adopted a daughter from out of state but could not adopt her foster sister. As a suprise they flew in the foster sister and this is the adopted daughters reaction.
Added: 12th April 2013
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