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Any Time You Feel Squirrely... Just Jump!
At 2:11 in this video I fell completely out of my chair laughing as I recalled an old country saying "Any Time You Feel Squirrely... Just Jump!". I'm still laughing at what this lady did to discourage a determined little rock squirrel from stealing all the bird seed. No squirrels where hurt in the making of this video.. well maybe his pride was a little bruised.
Added: 20th August 2014
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Delightful and Entertaining Foot Puppetry by Anna Klinge
Puppeteer Anna Klinge from Germany has a very unique act in store for the Britain's Got Talent Judges - with the panel left blown away by her unusual talent of turning her feet into life like puppets.
Added: 9th May 2016
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Added: 19th April 2015
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Ultimate Cute Kittens Compilation
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Heelwork to Music | Mary and Richard | Crufts 2014
Heelwork to music is a dog sport similar to musical canine freestyle that is officially recognised by the Kennel Club. Watch the final performance of Heelwork to Music - Mary and Richard - day four of Crufts 2014. The dogs name is Levi, a working sheepdog, and he has four Working Trial Champions in his pedigree and nine Obedience Champions, three English National Champions and one Reserve. Crufts is a worldwide celebration of man's (and woman's) best friend. Its been going for over 120 years and is run & managed by the Kennel Club. Crufts is held in March each year and welcomes over 27,000 dogs, 150,000 visitors and international dogs and owners from across the globe.

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