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Hilarious Carrot Party
http://www.videobash.com Hilarious Carrot Party
Added: 8th July 2012
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Elephant Throws Big Stick To Show Rhino Who's Boss!
Watch this elephant pick up a big stick, balance it on his trunk and then hurl it at a charging rhino. Elephant do what an elephant got to do!

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Hot Girl Exposes Hairy Chest Prank
A hot girl sitting in a restaurant hits on the men nearby, and even gives them her phone number. The men are all smiles until she removes her shawl and they get one look at her hairy chest... It doesn't take long for that smile to fade!
Added: 9th June 2013
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Jumpy The Dog - 20 Stunts In One Minute
Jumpy is a Border Collie Heeler mix that can pull off some pretty incredible tricks. This minute-compilation features Jumpy diving, skateboarding, jumping and more.
Added: 4th April 2013
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German Shepherd Puppy Playing In Doggie Fountain
Doc Von Garren Smith playing in his water fountain...... Hilarious 12 months old..
Added: 11th July 2014
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