Cat has mind blown by sparkling water
Coco the cat is fascinated by a glass of carbonated mineral water. She curiously walks around the glass and attempts to touch and catch the bubbles. All of
Added: 14th September 2016
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Soar Alongside Migrating Birds and the Man Who Flies With Them
For more than 20 years, Christian Moullec has guided migrating flocks of vulnerable bird species with his microlight aircraft. With his microlight aircraft, he guides migrating flocks of vulnerable species. Moullec, known as the "birdman," raises orphaned geese at his home in France, and leads them on safe migratory routes. Now, Moullec also takes visitors on short trips to share his moving experience with the birds

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Puppy Attacks Paper Bag
Annie squares off against an unwitting enemy (a lunch bag), much to her brother Buddy's annoyance.

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Mountain Lion Sounds
A photo montage of my own personal mountain lion photos, taken in Colorado with motion activated trail-cam. The sound recording is a female lion in heat calling for a mate, recorded locally. Some lion kittens are shown, and mule deer are being eaten in a few photos. These are real wild mountain lions that may still be hunting and roaming! (more)
Added: 17th March 2014
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Kittens, Kittens and Kittens! Episode 6
Cute Fluffy Kittens
Added: 16th March 2014
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