Elvis Presley - Unchained Melody
elvis presley performing unchained melody taken from elvis in concert rapid city 1977 with the never seen before intro and in the best quality ever!!
Added: 22nd August 2014
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Talking Spider - Funny
Oh-hoh-hoh-hoh! Muffled speech at the end: "Here is the secret key. I cannot see you -- that way you cannot see me: I am hidden."
Added: 15th January 2013
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Guinea Pigs - A Funny And Cute Guinea Pig Videos Compilation
A guinea pig is such a cute and funny pet. Check out these cute guinea pigs and funny guinea pigs in this new animals compilation.

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Embarrassing Goalkeeper Error Leads to Goal
Keep an eye on the upper right of the screen, at the player who crosses the ball, and falls out of bounds. Mallorca player Gonzalo Castro scores an easy goal when Real Sociedad goalkeeper Enaut Zubikarai casually tosses the ball out in front of him during a Copa del Rey match. Epic Goalie FAIL. Real Mallorca won 6-1.
Added: 12th January 2012
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Who's On First - The Sequel
Fallon, Crystal, and Seinfeld revisit Abbott & Costello's classic "Who's On First?" routine, where we finally get to meet the team's first-baseman "Who," second-baseman "What," and third-baseman "I Don't Know." https://Facebook.com/JimmyFallon
Added: 12th February 2013
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