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Jarred Marinated Artichokes - OrsaraRecipes
Today I will show you how to marinade and jar artichokes.
Added: 1st October 2014
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Welcome to Pupwatch
Move over Hoff, there are new guards on this beach. And they've taken slow motion running to the next level.

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Changing Faces With A Big Smile
[Have a box of tissues ready] This is a video of an amazing little girl who had her cleft lip surgery. She is playful and smiling before her cleft lip surgery. Less than 24 hours after the surgery she is shown her new face for the first time, her expression says it all.
Added: 19th September 2011
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Techno Granny
Saturday evening, 4. June 2011, Ban Jelačić Square, Zagreb, Croatia. I visited Zagreb to see my sister (not seen here) dance. Needless to say, the spotlight was hijacked. :) Love Techno Granny? Like her on FaceBook!
Added: 16th June 2011
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Brim Christmas Tree Helicopter Hauling. Great Pilot skills.
This video is about Brim Christmas Tree Hauling

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