AZO Best Tricks And Stunts Showreel 2013
My annual collection of stunts and tricks. Kendama is the main new toy this year.
Added: 7th December 2013
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My Dog's Won't Fetch - Hilarious!
In this funny video by America's Funniest Home Videos, these dogs are not the best fetchers.
Added: 6th January 2015
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Rain Dance Friday Night ( Weather Permitting ) - George Carlin Comedian
Here's a very early George Carlin standup routine, before he became the hippie comic. He was a regular on the Merv Griffin Show in the mid-'60s. This is one of his classic bits from that era.
Added: 19th April 2015
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Dog Hates the Mail
Small dog hates when mail gets delivered through the slot.
Added: 3rd November 2015
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Musician Rescues Puppy - Ruff Life by Arthur Yoria
TWO Videos today. First Video: Rita was the perfect actress for the role of stray dog in this music video and over the course of the filming, as often times happens on the set; the musician falls for the actress and vice versa. Arthur could not fathom completing the shoot and leaving his adorable co-star behind to life on the streets with an uncertain future. Arthur decided to rescue this stray off the streets of Sunnyside in Houston. The obvious name for our starlet was Rita Hayworth! Second Video: ( Will auto play when the first video is finished ). Arthur shares his feelings about Rita and future plans for her with his family. Please don't miss this one. World Animal Awareness Society

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