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Aruba: 19 Miles of Happiness - 4K
When we were down in Aruba a few months ago filming our Epic Pirate Battle we got the chance to explore all 19 miles of this amazing island. It was one of the coolest, and most memorable experiences I've ever had as a filmmaker. Everything in this video is something you can see and do there, whether you're into watersports, land adventures, or all of the above.
Added: 4th May 2014
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Girl Gets Slapped By Whale
We went whale watching on the Baja this weekend, for an excursion as a part of the Live Different Academy program and unfortunately, Chelsea got smacked in the head by a whale's tail. Luckily, she was fine and we got it on video!
Added: 26th February 2014
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Rare Baby Quolls
A group of shy baby quolls have a rare public outing. These little critters are baby spotted-tail quolls, an endangered species of marsupial native to Australia. Most people have never seen a quoll in the wild as they are secretive, nocturnal animals so this public display was a rare treat for the public! For more U-zoo videos. http://ow.ly/58qgc
Added: 7th December 2011
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Dog Hates the Mail
Small dog hates when mail gets delivered through the slot.
Added: 3rd November 2015
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