Lions, Tigers And Cheetahs Also Like Cuddling
Lion | Tiger | Cheetah | Big Cat | Big Cats | Funny Cats | Cute Cats | Lions | Tigers | Cheetahs | Pet | Pets | Animal | Animals
Added: 13th March 2015
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A Whale Of A Ride | Literally!
A father and daughter were having an incredible evening, lots of sun, kayaking and whale watching. Then this happened...
Added: 23rd July 2014
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Cletus Take the Reel - Country Music Spoof
An epic tale of determination, friendship, and um... fish, from Tim Hawkins. A parody of "Jesus Take the Wheel" by Carrie Underwood. To view this video in HIGH RESOLUTION, click on the above link. For more visit:
Added: 18th January 2011
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Cat vs Kitten - Cat Tree Battle!
When Cole met Marmalade - Part 2! … I went into the vault for this video, it made me laugh seeing the look on Coles face when Marm discovered how awesome she is.

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5 Superpowers You Didn't Know You Had
Hey, pal, have you ever realized how amazing you are? Yes, yes, don't look back, we're talking to you right here. But, you're not the only one. We all are amazing. We are saying that because, first of all, we want to cheer you up, and second, because you have a whole package of superpowers you have never imagined. And after watching this video, you may start telling everyone that you are a super awesome magic creature.

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