Dogs Play Dueling Banjos - Say What
Well I've seen it all now! Two dogs, one on mandolin and the other on guitar playing one of my favorite bluegrass tunes " Dueling Banjos". He Ha! Free download: post Free download: ameron-owens-sweet-heart-of Created by: Cameron Owens "Dogs play Dueling Banjos" Mrs. Molly strikes again with her loving husband, Smoke. Follow me on Facebook!
Added: 9th April 2013
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Elaine Acker, CEO of Pets Amercia, demonstrates the proper technique for performing CPR on pets. We shot this video with "Wolfgang" because he's a larger mannikin and the process is easier to see. However, this works the same way with cats. Just adjust the depth of your compressions accordingly (just as you would with an infant vs. an adolescent in human CPR).
Added: 29th January 2012
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Man Has Severd Thumb Replaced With Big Toe!
A man who accidentally severed his thumb has had his big toe attached in its place. James Byrne from Bristol severed the thumb on his left hand last December while sawing through wood. After an attempt to re-attach his damaged thumb failed, plastic surgeons at Frenchay Hospital transplanted his left big toe to his hand. The 29-year-old said it was vital to have his thumb back to carry out his work as a paver and said he felt really really lucky that surgeons had been able to perform the operation.
Added: 16th September 2011
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Man Plays Drum While Juggling Sticks
Adam Gray of Texas In July Like his Fan page! Follow him on Twitter! New Texas In July album 'One Reality' out April 26, 2011 on Equal Vision Records
Added: 3rd May 2011
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25 Ways to Wear a Scarf
25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes! The Infinity vs. DIY Infinity =D :: The difference is very subtle - the first fold. The Infinity is folded along the diagonal while the DIY Infinity is folded in half, horizontally. The Infinity starts off as a triangle, whereas the DIY Infinity begins as a rectangle. It seems like a trivial difference, but due to the shape, the Infinity fold works best with square scarves whereas the DIY version can be pulled off on thicker longer scarves. Also, because of the different starting shapes, the way the scarves drape are also slightly different. I wanted to include both in case people had trouble with the Infinity fold on their scarves, but due to the speed of the video, the first step was a bit harder to convey :(
Added: 17th November 2011
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