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People Are Awesome - Best of the Month (January 2018)
Did the month of January feel longer than usual for anyone else? Good news though, people are still awesome! Enjoy the best videos of the month!

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Cute Puppy vs. R2D2: Cute Puppy Potpie, Funny Dogs Maymo and Penny
Watch cute puppy Potpie battle an R2D2 Robot with the help of funny beagle dogs Maymo & Penny. When the puppy rounds the corner, he does not expect to bump into R2D2 toy from the Star Wars movie. The funny beagle dog's reaction to the strange creature is hilariously cute. His siblings Maymo & Penny join in the fun, protecting their new puppy brother from the invader from outer space.

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Nathan The Dancing Hairless Dog
Nathan is an entertaining, healthy, hilarious, hairless chinese crested who was adopted through Bald is Beautiful Hairless & Small Dog Rescue.He LOVES to "wiggle it" in the chair for treats. The feel-good back scratch is just an extra perk. Enjoy! Bald is Beautiful has some lovely pups in need of homes... check them out on:
Added: 6th March 2014
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21 Hungry Dogs Who Want All Your Food
21 Hungry Dogs Who Want All Your Food. Can you resist these puppy eyes?

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