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Dog Save Sleeping Boy From Burning Home
Legally deaf 13 year-old, Nich Lamb, was sleeping when his house caught on fire. Ace, the neighbor's Pit Bull, ran up to the second floor and woke him.
Added: 20th July 2014
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Baby Husky Puppy Wears Cowboy Hat, Falls Asleep - Puppy Love
Oh hi little Husky Puppy, yee-haw! thepetcollective.tv
Added: 17th October 2014
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Traffic jam in Lamar valley, Yellowstone national park
Running with the bisons June 2016.
Added: 25th July 2016
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Tags bisson Yellowstone National Park animals traffic jam Lamar Valley

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Male Lion Roaring in Road
We encountered one of the Fourways males on the road ahead of us, early in the morning, where he was calling for his partner at Londolozi Game Reserve, ...

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Join The Army Funniest Prank
In this prank we separate two loved ones, then reveal who we are and ask them to join the Canadian Army and leave for Afghanistan the very same day. The actual army could use this "join the army for a prank, it will be funny" tactic, they could get tons of new recruits this way. Maybe not! Offical Site: http://gags.justforlaughs.com
Added: 15th May 2012
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