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Billy & Emily England Push Boundaries In Scary Skate Act - AGT 2017
Watch as the sibling skaters perform this hair-pulling routine. It's never been attempted live!

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Dog casually rides three-wheeled ATV
Watch as Roscoe operates a three-wheeled ATV all by himself while riding in Lancaster, New Brunswick. No dog was hurt in the filming of this epic adventure.
Added: 11th June 2015
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Tags dog atv 4 wheeler funny

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Dig It - Brittany Spaniel
Abby, a 10 month old Brittany, digs in a kiddie pool
Added: 27th January 2012
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The Blue Guy Prank
Who's that good looking blue guy over there? Is he a doctor? Is he an actor? Nope, it's just some unlucky mall shopper who got his face painted blue by accident! http://gags.justforlaughs.com
Added: 10th September 2013
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Beach Animals, The Strandbeest
Strandbeest, Beach Animals, are the creation of Dutch artist Theo Jansen. In this video I demonstrate a Strandbeest built from a kit. These dynamic sculptures are walking physics labs, lots of material for teaching structures and mechanisms. These are dynamic sculptures powered by energy from the wind. Links to more information and a source for kits: hilaroad.com/strandbeest
Added: 21st September 2014
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