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Making Lamp Shade From A Log
A very quick clip to show the process Soren goes through when making one of his unique wooden lamp shades. !!! Please before you write a negative comment about the waste of wood, please realize , this is fast growing pine, it had already been cut down to be used as firewood, the centre of the log is sap wood and is very poor quality, and all the wood chips are reused in another way, for heating, or in the garden. We appreciate your care for nature, and assure you that we too have the same regard for what our planet gives to us. Filmed Rikki Berger Edited Rikki Berger Music Waldeck - Get up Carmen I am a woodturner/inventor/teacher with 35 years at the lathe, I hope you enjoy a small glimpse into making one of my shades. find out more at http://www.facebook.com/woodturning
Added: 26th February 2012
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Jennifer Bricker - The Girl Who Wasn't Allowed To Say Can't
Jennifer Bricker, born without legs, was placed for adoption by her natural parents as a baby. She was later adopted by Sharon and Gerald Bricker who decided to raise her like they had raised their three healthy sons. With no limitations and just one simple rule - Never say the word "Can't". When she turned sixteen, Jennifer learned an incredible secret... Watch, be inspired and share.
Added: 24th August 2014
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Our Planet Is Amazing - Epic Drone Videos
The Epic Drone Video guys scoured the web for the most beautiful Aerial Videos and then edited them together with an epic track, ‘Time by Hans Zimmer’....... The end product is one of the most beautiful drone / Aerial videos I have ever seen. Best viewed full screen, sound UP!

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Beautiful Scotland In Stunning 1080p HD
Over the past 8 or so months John Duncan travelled around Scotland usually getting up at offensively early times to get good light. He wanted to make a film which really shows what a beautiful country Scotland is. Living in Edinburgh he's very fortunate to have some truly magnificent sights on his doorstep. Best viewed full screen in 1080p HD. Sound up! john-duncan.co.uk
Added: 30th September 2014
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Scared Homeless Dog Tries To Bite His Rescuers. See What Happens Next!
A lady calls the rescue hot line concerned about a small white dog that has been abandoned in her neighborhood. The dog ( now named Toto ) looks to be very hungry, skittish and dirty. The rescue team arrives and quickly corner the dog inside a nearby body shop. Now things gets a little intense... StarPawsRescue.org
Added: 16th January 2015
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