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Bison in my yard at Yellowstone
Man opens his front door and finds a yard full of Bison
Added: 29th January 2015
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Wheaten Terrier Puppy Mismanages His Hat Store
That's not how you take care of your inventory! thepetcollective.tv Special Thanks: freedomfarmz.com/home.html Producer: Brittni Brown Camera: Scott Kelley Editor: Jessica Porper
Added: 13th July 2014
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Adorable toddler scolds her dad for leaving the toilet seat up
One exasperated toddler told her dad off for one of the biggest male crimes - not putting the toilet seat down 'for the girls'. Bossy Bradlee Rae Hayes was up
Added: 5th October 2016
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Bing Crosby, Flip Wilson, & Tim Conway - Diner Sketch
Flip Wilson is the owner of a diner, Tim Conway a truck driver, and Bing Crosby a plumber in this sketch from the 3/16/72 Flip Wilson Show.
Added: 16th January 2017
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Tags bing crosby flip wilson tim conway show diner sketch

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Twisted Sisters, Hope and Rosey
English Springers, sisters Hope and Rose, spin for their dinnertime!
Added: 4th August 2013
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