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Big Gas Savings
Do you want Big Gas Savings? Visit to find out if a Kmart near you is offering $0.30 off per gallon when members spend $50 or more. Not a member? Sign up today. It\s free. #biggassavings Big Gas Savings not yet available at your Kmart? It's coming soon to a store near you. Check for updates.
Added: 24th May 2013
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Worst Police Dog Ever Prank!
This dog just seems unwilling to do its job correctly.
Added: 7th August 2014
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ABBA Happy New Year
The audio has been taken from the 2011 Deluxe Edition of "Super Trouper", which is the best CD remastering of this track available. Watch in 1080p!
Added: 1st January 2015
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Tags ABBA Happy New Year Deluxe Edition Agnetha Frida

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World's Laziest Corgi Fight
My two dorky corgis spending way too much time on their backs.

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While Mama's Away DaDa And Baby Play
A comprehensive report on the happenings of father and son while mama is away for the afternoon . time lapsed. NOTE: this video took place after his nap, and before bath/dinner/bedtime @mrtomeoni Emio Tomoeni What really happens when mama is away
Added: 3rd January 2013
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