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When You Believe | BYU Noteworthy (ft. BYU Women’s Chorus)
A tribute to the combined power of faith, this stirring song from the animated film "The Prince of Egypt" seemed a perfect opportunity to invite our friends from the BYU Women's Chorus to join us. Acting as the children of Israel singing a Hebrew prayer of gratitude, we sing, "In Your love, You lead the people You have redeemed."

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Border Collie, Tex, Wins 2015 Masters Agility Championship
This is one FAST dog! Watch Border Collie, Tex's winning run from the 2015 Masters Agility Championship contest at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show.

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Special Father's Day rescue with one AMAZING DAD!!!
Hope For Paws received a call about a family of stray dogs living in a steel yard. Workers on site said there were three puppies and one adult dog. While interacting with the puppies the rescuers kept looking for their mom. They needed to rescue mom first since she was going to be the hardest but what they discovered was heartwarming!
Added: 20th June 2015
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Sausage Dog Parade
It's not everyday you see 300 Dachshund\'s parade down the street in fancy dress...
Added: 1st October 2012
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Bus Photobombs The Weather Channel's Stream of Georgia Dome Implosion
After 40 minutes of live streaming the Georgia Dome's implosion, a surprise photobomber ruins the big moment.
Added: 21st November 2017
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