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Dancin Francine | Marionette by RicKy Syers
RicKy Syers "Dancin Francine" Marionette Honoring the living legend Dancin Francine! Still cuttin the rug at mid 70's! Adored by all! Dancin Francine | Marionette by RicKy Syers
Added: 7th July 2014
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Animal Lover Turns Home Into Hedgehog Hospital: CUTE AS FLUFF
Tucked away in a cosy cottage in Berkshire is a hospital that rescues over 700 hedgehogs a year. In 2007, web developer Gill Lucraft started the rescue centre Hedgehog Bottom after discovering an hedgehog hidden under a pile of leaves in her garden. Her love of the iconic British animal has now taken over entire rooms of her house and hogs are stacked up in her front room, dining room and living room.

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Grand Canyon Steam Train ADVENTURE!
All aboard! Travel to northern Arizona for a ride on the Grand Canyon Railway! A steam locomotive will pull our train from Williams, Arizona to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. Along the way, we will see views out the back of the car "Chief" as well as scenes of the train passing through some of the most spectacular terrain in the west.

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It Gives Me Feelings Of Love
This video causes deep emotions to rise up in me. It may be hard to watch at first as we visit a man named Henry who has been in a nursing home for the last 10 years. Henry, normally mute and virtually unable to answer the simplest yes and no questions becomes quite vocal after hearing his favorite music on an iPod. At first his face lights and he makes unrecognizable sounds... then he bursts into song. I'm betting your face will light up to after you hear Henry sing. Mine did! This is an excerpt from Alive Inside, a documentary about the Music and Memory nonprofit project, a film by Michael Rossato-Bennett http://www.AliveInsideMovie.com
Added: 17th May 2012
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Something More - Nick Vujicic - Music Video
Everyone!!! Here it is... written by Tyrone Wells, produced by Jon Phelps, video directed by Matt Koppin, produced by Attitude Is Altitude, sang by Nick Vujicic... ALL FOR THE GLORY OF GOD!!! Ladies & Gentlemen... here it is... "Something More"...
Added: 31st August 2012
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