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U.S. Soldier, Home Early from Kuwait, Surprises His Mom at Work!
Joey's mom works at the UPS sorting facility in Lansing, Michigan. Little does she know that her son is home early on R&R from Kuwait! Watch has he enters the building with the help of her coworkers, and gives her the surprise of her life. - Military reunion videos, pictures & stories
Added: 27th August 2011
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Symphony Flash Mob
Flash mob at Copenhagen Central Station. Copenhagen Phil playing Ravel's Bolero. As one of the first professional symphony orchestras ever Copenhagen Phil (Sjællands Symfoniorkester) did a flash mob at Copenhagen Central Station on May 2nd 2011 playing Ravel's Bolero. Conductor is Jesper Nordin.
Added: 25th August 2011
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Firefighter Exam
I don't know if firemen really train like this but if I ever have a fire I'm calling these guys!
Added: 24th August 2011
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Say Something Nice
A custom wooden lectern with a megaphone holster and an attached sign that read, "Say Something Nice." The lectern was placed in public spaces around New York and then left alone. This project was produced by Improv Everywhere as part of the Guggenheim Museum exhibition stillspotting nyc. Like us on Facebook:
Added: 23rd August 2011
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Copper Pipe Magnet
We have weird gravity here in Rockford Illinois. The neodymium magnets are super powerful and even though they are not attracted to the copper, they still produce eddy currents that buffer the fall as seen in the video. Lenz's Law make a great experiment for kids to adult. Also, great at parties when conversation goes stale.
Added: 9th August 2011
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