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Stolen Volkswagon Prank
Generous man ask some strangers to film him while he offers a gift car to his girlfriend. Unfortunately, she really does't like the car, she would much rather have the VW Beetle parked right in front. Ready for anything to please his better half, he steals the car for her!
Added: 16th September 2011
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Little Old Lady VS Giant Mean Cop
Little old lady loses her keys but all the tall men around take advantage of their height to humiliate her by making her jump for the keys. Fortunately, this little old woman has more than one trick in her bag. Ouch!
Added: 9th September 2011
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Golf Driving Range Blows!
The plastic tee of this golf driving range is tricked to blow air on the ball when golfers are in full swing. They look really silly swinging in the air.
Added: 22nd August 2011
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Policeman Gets ice cream In Face!
A clumsy policeman gets his head stuck in the window of his police cruiser. As victims try to get him out, an angry epic old man shows up and attacks the police officer with his ice cream.
Added: 14th August 2011
Views: 25768

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Have You Eaten - Tim Hawkins
Tim talks about the one question on every mothers mind... Visit:
Added: 8th August 2011
Views: 22615

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