Man Walks on Water

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{"http:\/\/\/media\/2225\/Man-Walks-on-Water\/":{"comments":{"data":[{"id":"10150288208349396_18392896","from":{"id":"711940232","name":"Naomi Avery"},"message":"Only Jesus can truly walk on water.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2011-09-01T14:52:27+0000","like_count":3,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150288208349396_19779205","from":{"id":"100001054349152","name":"Manfred Schmidt"},"message":"Unglaublich>>ich moechte das auch mal probieren.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2011-11-21T16:16:27+0000","like_count":0,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150288208349396_18556468","from":{"id":"100000839824231","name":"Rick Jones"},"message":"kewl","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2011-09-10T00:04:21+0000","like_count":2,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150288208349396_18484311","from":{"id":"1447757653","name":"Carolyn Callaway"},"message":"pretty cool trick isn't it?","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2011-09-06T12:55:33+0000","like_count":2,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150288208349396_18391168","from":{"id":"100002368702564","name":"Becky Day"},"message":"I know how this was done... Cris Angel did it awhile back: http:\/\/\/watch?v=yxWMZPqqM7E. \n\nHowever, it's a really convincing trick. For the platforms to remain \"invisible,\" the water needs to be moving.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2011-09-01T12:48:32+0000","like_count":2,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150288208349396_18420071","from":{"id":"1298445036","name":"Gina Busateri"},"message":"Becky Day, I was thinking the samething. I recall Chriss Angel doing this same thing on tv.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2011-09-02T22:25:10+0000","like_count":2,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150288208349396_18604438","from":{"id":"1598720766","name":"Jennifer Sisti"},"message":"WOW. I guess anything possible when u put your mind to it!","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2011-09-12T18:09:30+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150288208349396_18394451","from":{"id":"100001414300192","name":"Gregory Mahaits"},"message":"Now, if at the same time, he had someone swimming around him, up to their neck in conventional manner...what always surprises me is that people, including me, are so willing to believe that these things can be done, somehow, without trickery.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2011-09-01T16:30:27+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150288208349396_18411392","from":{"id":"100001183046421","name":"Lynne Savinelli"},"message":"Well he got noticed that is what he did and achieved! Good for him they are going to think that he is the Holy man!","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2011-09-02T13:42:43+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150288208349396_18392181","from":{"id":"100000884426744","name":"George Feise"},"message":"Wanted to forward to a friend. Not smart enough to get through your security.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2011-09-01T14:06:42+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150288208349396_18399477","from":{"id":"100000082053589","name":"Virginia Kussee Cole"},"message":"an illusion? We see what we want to see! Always\/ Usually..","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2011-09-01T21:02:19+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150288208349396_18394379","from":{"id":"100000348022039","name":"Bill Bissell"},"message":"Life is only a illusion.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2011-09-01T16:25:22+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150288208349396_18396019","from":{"id":"1347661066","name":"Judy Christensen Hamilton"},"message":"Amazing sight!","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2011-09-01T17:43:43+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150288208349396_18393353","from":{"id":"100000859937092","name":"Judy Woodland"},"message":"He's cross the line!","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2011-09-01T15:23:17+0000","like_count":0,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150288208349396_18403295","from":{"id":"100000547252620","name":"Fernand Deschenes"},"message":"anybody can explaine this trick","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2011-09-02T01:27:43+0000","like_count":2,"user_likes":false}],"paging":{"cursors":{"after":"Mg==","before":"MTY="}}}}}

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Man Walks on Water

Man Walks on Water

Man Walks on Water is just one of many videos you have to choose from here at Mel's Video Of The Day! Majority of the videos on this site are either funny, inspirational or informative. Mel hopes you find that Man Walks on Water fits into one of these categories. You may have seen previous videos similiar to Man Walks on Water. But we hope this one will possibly equal or surpase the others by far.

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Mel normally works seven days a week looking for terrific videos to publish for your viewing pleasure. Man Walks on Water was choosen using his eight years practice offering these daily videos to his viewers.

Although the video Man Walks on Water has no professional rating, Mel attempts to find only videos that will be suited to watching by all audiences.

Does he always make the best choices? Of course not! With over 25,000 daily video views almost always there is going to be varing judgmentss on whether Man Walks on Water was the ideal choice. Your comments will always be welcome in the comment section below the video. Use either Facebook comments or the regular comments area. Mel reads every one.

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About This Video:

Man Walks on Water
18 Ratings
Dynamo shows his illusion of walking on the river Thames in London

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Added: 31st August 2011
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