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Scary Downhill Bicycle Helmet-cam

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{"http:\/\/www.coolestone.com\/media\/3929\/Scary-Downhill-Bicycle-Helmet-cam\/":{"comments":{"data":[{"id":"10150989434348343_24210353","from":{"id":"1261447599","name":"Earl Theodorsen"},"message":"Looks like Great Fun, Mel.. I would have to be a lot more then 30 years younger to do this....Just what was the purpose of this race? Don't think that there is any glue strong enough to hold my\" Plastic Teeth\" in for a ride like that..","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-05-19T13:05:01+0000","like_count":5,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150989434348343_24210290","from":{"id":"100001904473075","name":"Randy Ferguson"},"message":"WOW! That was exhilarating! My ears popped three times by the time we reached the end of the run! Thanks Mel! :) \u003C3.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-05-19T12:58:28+0000","like_count":5,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150989434348343_24211070","from":{"id":"100003378718585","name":"Bobby Tucker"},"message":"Ha! What a ride! That had to be the quickest 5 minute ride I've taken in awhile! just trying to stay upright, steps coming up, butt off the seat, turn right, now to the left! stay off the wall in this turn! what a blast! I just worked up a sweat recapping! lol! Thanks for the workout Mel! That was great! Bobby.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-05-19T14:37:17+0000","like_count":3,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150989434348343_24210253","from":{"id":"100002368702564","name":"Becky Day"},"message":"That ride should make it into the Guinness Book of World Records as the BUMPIEST ride anywhere! Ugh... I wouldn't do it for anything, even with lots and LOTS of padding on the seat! I'll bet he goes through a lot of tires, too!","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-05-19T12:54:19+0000","like_count":3,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150989434348343_24212617","from":{"id":"1060873490","name":"Karin Nelson"},"message":"Wicked! Does anyone know what the path leads up to in Bogota? It's quite the climb!","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-05-19T16:57:54+0000","like_count":3,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150989434348343_24210347","from":{"id":"1003905860","name":"Sherri R Dickman Smith"},"message":"I am talllying all the man hours this road took to build...........yikes!","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-05-19T13:04:40+0000","like_count":3,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150989434348343_24210173","from":{"id":"1196760496","name":"Ruthann Walker Porter"},"message":"This guy is crazy wow I would of been gone the first bump I hit. Amazing","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-05-19T12:44:45+0000","like_count":3,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150989434348343_24713293","from":{"id":"100003840134282","name":"Joyce Seeley Parker"},"message":"Does he take a motion sickness med before attempting this? Does he use muscle relaxants after? What a workout!","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-06-25T13:19:22+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150989434348343_24211174","from":{"id":"1599676380","name":"John Twomey"},"message":"My love for mountainbiking at 45 IN 1995 I won the New England Masters and have biked down loon mountain N.H. Killington Vermont, Sundayriver Main. But this man his zest for life and being in the moment was something to watch and I will watch it many times Thanks Mel nice one.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-05-19T14:47:50+0000","like_count":2,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150989434348343_24212095","from":{"id":"1273337725","name":"Sandra Geer Berkey"},"message":"And how many drs did it take to examine his head? I noticed no 'lifts' so he had to carry his bike back up to the top? MUCH to energetic for me! But exilerating to watch...ugh.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-05-19T16:12:20+0000","like_count":2,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150989434348343_24213808","from":{"id":"1849165118","name":"Wendel Wight"},"message":"Thanks Mel. I wouldn't even want to be one of the spectators standing on the ledges as he whizzed past!","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-05-19T18:31:50+0000","like_count":2,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150989434348343_24211388","from":{"id":"100000519445140","name":"Clarence Douglas"},"message":"IF THAT HAD OF BEEN ME, MY BRAKES WOULD HAVE BEENWORN OUT BEFORE I GAT 1\/3 OF THE WAY DOWN!","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-05-19T15:09:43+0000","like_count":2,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150989434348343_24255966","from":{"id":"100000569566722","name":"Evelyn Oliver"},"message":"I think the biker is off his rocker , on my best day I wouldn't do that biking , my gosh people in town have trouble keeping cars out of the bike lane. Not for me.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-05-22T20:01:58+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150989434348343_24231430","from":{"id":"100001461198237","name":"Carole Ann Bouchard"},"message":"That man is amazing, but can you imagine if he bit his tonge comming of one of those set of chairs, the bouch the his head touch pressuer on this poor mouth n did happen to some I know, that that happen to so I said a prayer for today ride. But Man he must have had a head ache... Thank Mel.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-05-21T02:17:40+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150989434348343_24214541","from":{"id":"100001236507934","name":"Dan Butcher"},"message":"Mel, it took only seconds to find this trail on GoogleEarth. It seems to terminate on top of a mountain at a gorgeous church, the Iglesia de Monserrate, at 10,367 feet. The trail drops some 1500 feet or more in not much over a mile. Go to 4d 36' 18.35\"N, 74d 03' 19.53\"W to find the top of the trail. Lucky for people like me, a gondola ride gets you to the top. Or, of course, you could challenge that trail the biker used.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-05-19T19:35:41+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150989434348343_24223388","from":{"id":"100000396086391","name":"Larry Rosenberger"},"message":"INSANE! My son said the secret is drinking lots of Red Bull. HA! We watched this video on our 73\" and nearly lost it! How in the world did this guy keep both himself and his bike together down that mountain? Amazing!","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-05-20T14:30:02+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150989434348343_24227975","from":{"id":"100000872240030","name":"Ngaire Louden"},"message":"WELL FOR ONE THIS PERSON MUST HAVE THOUGHT HE HAD WINGS, AND BEINGS HE MADE IT TO THE BOTTOM UN-HURT JESUS MUST HAVE BEEN HISD CO-PILOT, NEVER GET ME TO BELIEVE HE WASN'T.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-05-20T21:09:23+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150989434348343_24262929","from":{"id":"100000042898679","name":"Lin Moy"},"message":"I just don't think I'd ever done this,","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-05-23T06:10:58+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150989434348343_24213441","from":{"id":"1838887956","name":"Linda Lamb"},"message":"I can't believe that path made of all stones, I can't even imagine how lone it took to build.That guy was amazing and what guts it took to ride down that mountain. Must have a sore butt and a lot of stamina. Right on!","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-05-19T17:58:36+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150989434348343_24215143","from":{"id":"100002842107206","name":"Suzanne Barber Bagwell"},"message":"No way would I have done this but loved the beautiful scenery! We all get out kicks from different ways. As my dad used to say that's why there's chocolate and vanilla ice cream!","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-05-19T20:28:59+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150989434348343_24215799","from":{"id":"1332518210","name":"Norm Strasser"},"message":"One question that \"begs\" to be asked is, how long did it take for his \"organs\" to heal or get back to some form of \"normal\". He surely has \"more guts and\/or less brains\", than I feel I have. :-o","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-05-19T21:17:02+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150989434348343_24219203","from":{"id":"100001659821132","name":"David Smedley"},"message":"looks like a evil kenivel stunt. suprised he dident crash. one longbumpy ride. david smedley.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-05-20T03:18:35+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150989434348343_24211758","from":{"id":"100001069332663","name":"Ziva Skakle"},"message":"OK, for his encore he will ride his bike up the mountain. THAT would be extreme. I would also like to see someone attempt it in a wheelchair or on a Segway.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-05-19T15:42:20+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150989434348343_24212156","from":{"id":"100001414300192","name":"Gregory Mahaits"},"message":"Larry P. has some great questions. hey, I double dare you to stick your tongue on the brake discs!( my humour peaked at age twelve...)","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-05-19T16:17:43+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false},{"id":"10150989434348343_24211835","from":{"id":"1276743309","name":"Brenda Parrott"},"message":"Got my heart racing pretty quick, all credit to the guys who do these things, as for me I would have been off by the time I reached the first lot of steps.","can_remove":false,"created_time":"2012-05-19T15:49:58+0000","like_count":1,"user_likes":false}],"paging":{"cursors":{"after":"MjY=","before":"NTA="},"next":"https:\/\/graph.facebook.com\/v1.0\/10150989434348343\/comments?limit=25&after=MjY\u00253D"}}}}

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Scary Downhill Bicycle Helmet-cam
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This should get the old heart pumping as you watch this scary bicycle helmet-cam footage from a downhill race in Monserrate, Bogota. If I were only 40 years younger I would have to try this!

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