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Hidden Camera-trap Captures Rare Pictures Of Elusive African Animals
Added: 12th February 2016
Posted By: Mel
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A BRITISH wildlife photographer has captured close-up images of some of the world's most elusive animals.

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The Moron Brothers | The Greatest Quarterback Story Ever Told
Added: 6th February 2016
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You've never heard a sports story like this one. A story never repeated by the news media.

Tags: super bowl dever broncos Lardo and Burley the moron brothers bluegrass music banjo guitar
Unconscious Skydiver Rescued Mid-Air
Added: 31st January 2014
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This is the terrifying moment a skydiver was left plummeting 12,500ft to the ground after he was knocked out in a skydiving accident. James Lee, 25 was taking part in a jump in Wiltshire when just seconds after leaping from the plane he was hit on the back of the head by another skydiver....

Ghostlike Octopus Found Lurking Deep Below the Sea
Added: 5th March 2016
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While exploring the deep sea northeast of Hawaii's Necker Island with a remotely operated vehicle, scientists aboard the NOAA ship Okeanos Explorer were ...

Tags: national geographic nat geo ghostlike octopus deep sea under water marine biology news discovery never before seen errie weird hawaii video
Random Acts Of Flowers Deliver
Added: 2nd March 2016
Posted By: Mel
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Flowers really do have the power to heal! Random Acts of Flowers is a non-profit organization that recycles flowers into beautiful bouquets that are delivered to the sick.

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