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Hilarious! Daredevil Grandma Rides Roller Coaster Ror The Rirst time
Added: 20th September 2014
Posted By: Mel
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Grandma Ria, aged 78, had never travelled on an aeroplane before. So before her first ever flight, to beat her fear she took to the sky on a rollercoaster. Anyone's first rollercoaster ride can be a mixture of fear, nerves and excitement but for daredevil Ria, who is from the Netherlands, it...

I See Something In You... But I Don't Know What It Is!
Added: 5th October 2014
Posted By: Mel
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Have you ever tried public speaking? I have heard it is feared even more than death by many. Dananjaya Hettiarachchi seems to have overcome his fears with this "2014 World Championship of Public Speaking" 1s place speech ( And what a speech it is ). If you enjoy this video, please comment, like...

Tags: speech public speaking fear toastmasters
Added: 19th March 2015
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You will never ever see me on the Nevis Arc down in Queenstown NZ but these two girls agree to give it a go. Oh and, one of them is terrified of heights and the other has vertigo...oops!

Tags: Nevis Arc Queenstown NZ hilarious freakout french girl irish fear heights crying jump higest swing aj hackett funny scary bungy54321
Dream Jump - 4K
Added: 29th April 2015
Posted By: Mel
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What sounds like a nightmare for most is still a dream for others; to BASE jump off the world's second highest residential structure with the most qualified athletes in the world. SkydiveDubai and XDubai have partnered with DreamJump to bring dreams to extreme reality when they opened the...

Tags: BASE Base Jump Princess Tower (Skyscraper) 4K Resolution Photography (Visual Art Form) RED Dragon Shotover Phantom Slow Motion Vision Research
Film Crew Attacked By Elephant After High Speed Chase
Added: 4th November 2015
Posted By: Mel
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Film Crew Attacked By Elephant After High Speed Chase.

Tags: Africa amazing animal animal attack Barcroft Media BDV2768 bush car charge chase elephant fast fear footage Greatstock herd high speed

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