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2011 Chevrolet Volt Review
Added: 31st March 2011
Posted By: Mel
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The 2011 Chevrolet Volt represents a direction for GM, and maybe you guessed by the name, one that is focused on electricity. In fact, although technically a hybrid, the Chevy Volt uses only electric power to move the wheels. For trips up to 40 miles, the Volt is powered by electricity stored in...

Cop Turns Abandoned Plane Into Street-Legal Car
Added: 15th January 2015
Posted By: Mel
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CAR-enthusiast cop Jeff Bloch amazes road users cruising the streets in a converted PLANE. The 42-year-old police officer - dubbed Speedy Cop by his friends - combined an abandoned Cessna aircraft with a Toyota van to make his jaw-dropping ride. The 27-foot vehicle was originally built for the...

Tags: Plane Car a PLANE a car planes cars aeroplane hybrid van vehicle race racing transformed converted spirit of lemons speedycop incredible
Boris The Dog Goes Swimming
Added: 31st March 2015
Posted By: Mel
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This is my dog, his name is boris, hes a mix

Tags: boris dog swimming pool water toy wolf hybrid german sheppard rot doggy puppy cute awesome funny adorable wet

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