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Aged To Perfection, Premium, Vintage, Est. 1919
Emergency Landing - Very Intense
Added: 15th February 2013
Posted By: Mel
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Jonathan Fielding was up for a birthday flight with his wife (her first flight ever), her mother and their seven month old boy when they received the shocking news that their carburator had iced over. After gliding over a field they found an ideal place to land the plane. The pilot was...

RC Scale Airplanes - Giant BD-5J - Extreme Low and Fast with Afterburner
Added: 9th July 2015
Posted By: Mel
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Markus Rummer flies the Jet from Gernot Bruckmann with a smaller version of Gernot in the cockpit. In occasion of the 15 th anniversary of EMOTEC, together ...

Tags: Mel's Video Of The Day Bede BD-5 (Aircraft Model) Rc Scale Airplanes Remote Control (Invention) Microjet Airplane Dr. Low fast and low Afterburner Flying Plane Jet
Man takes $23,000 flight on luxury airlines for $108
Added: 31st March 2016
Posted By: Mel
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One man got the ultimate in-air luxury experience during a flight from Sydney to the Maldives and it only set him back 108 dollars, normally the cost - a whopping $26,000.00.

Tags: sloane glass buzz60 flight airlines airport travel airplane first class private plane sydney etihad topmiles sam Huang
R C Scale Airplanes - 20ft. B-25 Together With Two Giant Me109
Added: 16th December 2014
Posted By: Mel
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Model Air Show at Weston Park 2014 The Legendary Fighters in Action. Technical Data: B-25 "Apache Princess" Spw. / Wingspan: 6m / 20ft. Lange / Lenght: 4,87m / 16ft. Gewicht / Weight: 148,2kg / 326pound Motor: 2x 400cc Moki 5 Cyl. Radial Me109

Tags: rc scale airplanes remote control (invention) north american b-25 mitchell (aircraft model) me 109 bf 109 messerschmitt warbird airplane modell airshow giant airplane messerschmitt bf 109 (aircraft model) aircraft (type of fictional setting) flying plane aviation (industry)
RC Scale Airplanes - ELSTER JET TEAM
Added: 23rd December 2014
Posted By: Mel
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Fantastic show of Ralph Losemann and Enrico Th├Ąter at the International Air Show Weston Park 2014

Tags: rc aerobatic rc scale airplanes Remote Control (Invention) air show Jet Engine (Invention) Plane Flying Airplane Aviation (Industry) Aircraft

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