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Dog Really Enjoys Head Massager
Added: 3rd March 2014
Posted By: Mel
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Silver the husky enjoys a unique head massage. Silver was adopted from the shelter when she was 1 year old. When found she was in very bad shape and was afraid of strangers, especially men. Now she has made an amazing recovery. She enjoys scratching behind the ears which makes her very calm. The...

Husky Dog Says NO to Collar
Added: 26th December 2014
Posted By: Mel
Views: 5050
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Sasha the Husky wants to go for a walk, but she doesn't want to wear her annoying collar! This is Husky logic at its finest. How cute!

Tags: Siberian Husky (Animal Breed) Dog (Domesticated Animal) Animal (Film Character) viral videos funny dogs funny animals husky dog owning husky
Cute Husky Freaks Out Over Ferby Doll
Added: 6th January 2015
Posted By: Mel
Views: 4744
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Seeing a doll on the ground, this cute husky realizes something's not right about the doll and starts freaking out. The husky doesn't realize just how weird Ferby dolls can be!

Tags: cutiesnfuzzies cuties fuzzies cutie fuzzy jukinvideodotcom jukinvideo jukinmedia viral video youtube viral video husky vs ferby doll
Jealous dog demands more attention
Added: 19th September 2015
Posted By: Mel
Views: 3592
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Holly the Husky/Shepherd cross becomes green with envy every time her owner begins to pet Titan, a Siberian Husky. Holly, you need to learn to share the love!

Stubborn Husky is a lazy couch potato
Added: 28th May 2016
Posted By: Mel
Views: 1216
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Zeus the husky loves to go out for walks, but some days it takes some negotiating and convincing. Check out his hilarious temper tantrum!

Tags: siberian husky husky zeus lazy cute temper tantrum dog funny dog stubborn dog

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